The club was originally formed in Decatur, Illinois by some local cricket enthusiast lead by Ramesh Patel and Natu Bhakta of Decatur in 1984. The team played their first ever match against Purdue University at Purdue, Indiana. The first season was a short season as the club was formed late in the season in August. As there were more players from Springfield, the club started playing in Springfield from 1985 under the leadership of Jashbhai Patel of Springfield, Illinois.

The club was named ICCOS (Indian Cricket Club Of Springfield) and played at Riverside Park’s open field provided by City of Springfield in 1985 and1986. In 1987, some of the interested student of Sangamon State University (now known as – UIS University of Illinois at Springfield) joined the club and obtained a cricket field at the University. The club also joined Midwest Cricket League in 1987 and played in the league till 1993 under the leadership of Vinod Patel, until the university took away the cricket field to play other sports. Because of lack of designated cricket field, the club was playing only away matches within 100 miles radius with clubs in town like Champaign-Urbana, St Louis etc. The club name was changed to Springfield Cricket Club (SCC) in late 90’s and now plays at the designated cricket field at Kennedy Park provided by Springfield Park District in Springfield, Illinois since 2001.

If you are interested to know more about the cricket club and current events, please contact any of the following members: Vinod Patel – (217) 726-5361, Dr. Samir Patel – (217) 793-8076, Riaz Shaikh – (217) 546-0729, Manish Patel – (217) 787-7385.